Our newest development, the Universal Surface Appearance Meter (or USAM for short) is a measurement device designed to analyze and test paints, inks, powder coatings or specialty coatings in an objective manner.

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Member of the LET Group

L.E.T. Automotive  is a leading producer and supplier of end-of-line auditing and measuring devices for headlamps and sensors in the automotive technology. We offer solutions for high-tech problems in the automotive industry as well as user-friendly devices for the after-market (workshops, inspection centers). Therefore a wide range of industrial clients and inspection centers all over the world work together with L.E.T. Automotive.

“Durable research, innovative and high-tech”

Our new developments demand a professional approach where the specific know-how of L.E.T. Automotive allows us to realize a diversity of applications in the Automotive sector. Some examples: High-tech DAS (“Driving Assistance Systems”) calibration devices or measuring systems for headlamps.