L.E.T. Automotive NV is a member of the L.E.T. Group  that was founded by Mr. Jozef Vandewalle as L.E.T. NV in 1967. Today it is still a family owned SME under the leadership of Mr. Vandewalle.

L.E.T. Automotive is a leading worldwide supplier of headlamp aiming systems. We develop state-of-the-art light sensor technology for a variety of industrial clients and governmental inspection organisations all around the world.

Due to the fast-changing technology in the field of headlamps and the good relations with the manufacturers of headlamps, L.E.T. Automotive has built-up a strong and reliable reputation through the years. Renowned car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, Renault, etc. are working together with L.E.T. Automotive.

Recent developments such as LED lights can be perfectly aimed with the help of image processing technology. Next to the developments of industrial concepts for car manufacturers, L.E.T. Automotive fabricates also headlamp aiming systems for the ‘after-sales’ market (e.g. workshops, government inspection stations, …).

Another fast growing part of the L.E.T. business is focusing on the huge rise of safety features that are introduced in new vehicles. Designing new concepts for the calibration of radar and camera’s has been a major challenge for the last 10 years.

High tech DAS “Driving Assistant Systems” calibration rigs have been the result of this very intense involvement with very successful projects with different major brands. These new developments demand a professional approach where the specific know-how of L.E.T. Automotive allows to realize a diversity of applications in the Automotive sector.

L.E.T. Automotive is a successor to L.E.T., which was founded 40 years ago as a custom engineering company for electro-optical applications. The L.E.T. Group employs about 70 people, among them many highly skilled people who work in R&D.

Some of our products are certified for various national inspection stations.