L.E.T. n.v. has the equipment and facilities to perform EMC tests. We provide test reports but no certificates.
Every manufacturer must ensure that their product is electrically and electronically compatible. This means that the appliance or device will not be affected by other electronic devices during its operation. In turn, the device should not interfere with other devices. At the start of a new development, an EMC plan must already be drawn up and it is also checked which standards the new device must meet.

Available Equipment

  1. Antenna

WAYNE KERR Electronics
Model: S30280 Broad Band Antenna
Part Nr: 9HS30280
Ser Nr: 022BT03
Frequency range   30 – 1000MHz
Accuracy    +/- 5dB
Impedance   50 ohm
VSWR    3 : 1
Polarisation manually set to vertical and horizontal
  1. Spectrum Analyser

Model : Real time Spectrum analyser RSA3015E-TG
Ser Nr : RSA3H214500122
Frequency range   up to 1.5 GHz
Average noise level (DANL)  < 161dBm
Phase noise     < 102Dbc/Hz
Measurement uncertainty    < 1.0dB
Tracking generator    1.5 GHz
Min. RBW   1Hz
  1. Burst Generator

Skals Elektronik
Model : BG2-MKII + ISN340 (3-Phase Coupling Network)
  1. Near-field Probe Set

Model : 7405
  1. Line Impedance Stabilisation Network

WAYNE KERR Electronics
Model : LSN0930A
Frequency range 9kHz – 30MHz
Filter network Designed to meet CISPR16 for Band A and Band B
RF output 50 ohm
Artificial hand Network meets EN55014
  1. Software


Possible EMC pre-compliance tests

  1. Radiated emission test

1 Gigahertz spectrum analysis in the EMC test room (min. 65 dB) with broadband antenna and spectrum analysis equipment (1.5 Gigahertz). All existing standards are pre-programmed in the analysis software. Proximity testing to locate emission concentrations in magnetic (H) and electric (E) fields.
  1. Conducted emission test

Conducted emission tests with frequency band of 9 kHz up to 30 MHz.
  1. ESD immunity test

Air discharge from 0.5kV to 15kV
Contact discharge from 0.5kV to 8kV
Automatic testing
  1. BURST immunity test

0.5kHz up to 10kHz burst
Repetition from 0.01s to 5s
Duration 1ms to 15ms
225V to 4.4 kV
Automatic tests on network cables