The LUMINOSCOPE®-module for computer controlled adjustment of headlamps by electric screwdrivers.
The DIS-component is an extra module (CANDIS) which is mounted on the column.
The selections, once defined in the settings, come with the identification of the vehicle.
The module has three outputs, each capable of driving a pair of electric screwdrivers (max. 6 tools).
One of these outputs is typically used for a single fog-light-tool.

D.I.S. features:

  • Smart screwdriver control and parameters for optimal operation and speed.
  • software for automatic adjustment.
  • advanced speed control: always fast start and gradually slower when  approaching the target point.
  • adjustment range programmable for each type of headlamp.

The screwdrivers can be supplied in various versions:

  • with straight or angled head
  • with LED illumination


  • Set up can be modified to customers needs
  • Stand alone device
  • Ergonomic shape – diameter of the screwdriver grip = 40mm
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Easy to handle appliance ( weight 900 g)
  • Minimum 500.000 charging cycles
  • Use of maintenance-free brushless DC, no mechanical commutation, higher efficiency, less wear and tear
  • No use of batteries
  • Contactless charging. This means the contacts do not need maintenance and there is no wear.
  • The charging time < time in use
  • Automatic recognition/pairing of screwdriver with base station
  • CAN – Bluetooth wireless data conversion
  • Torque control guarantees no more broken screws.
  • EMC-compatible
  • Equipped with a system to switch easily between different standard bits
  • Automatic start
  • Software gives live feedback of the status of the appliance (= torque, speed, number of turns, …)
  • Option : LED illumination