Since a number of years, car manufacturers are putting a lot of effort in making their cars safer.
Indeed, as driving a vehicle in the actual complex traffic situations becomes more and more demanding, developers are searching to introduce eletronic aids to make driving more convenient and safer.

Examples of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems :

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) or ADR (Adaptive Distance Radar)                                                     

With this system, a sensor measures the distance from and speed of the vehicle in front, and monitors / controls the speed and distance of the source vehicle.

BSA (Blind Spot Assistance)                                                                                                                                                      

Radar sensors are mounted at the back and sides of a car for detecting objects in the closer environment of the vehicle. As such, the driver can be warned if an object is in the blind spot of the mirrors when an overtaking manoeuvre is being undertaken.

LDW (Lane Departure Warning) or LCA (Lane Change Assist)

The first system is giving warning signals in case the vehicle is involuntary leaving the driving lane - the second is checking objects in the adjacent lane.

Rear View

A camera, integrated in the back of the car, is generating a real view on the integrated monitor in the dashboard, of  what happens behind the car.

Mirror Cam

As an evolution of BSA "Mirror Cam" the image of surround camera's is displayed on the external camera's. So the mirror glass is replaced by a screen.

Many more of these Driver Assistance Systems have to be factory adjusted and/or calibrated. In most cases, the vehicle‘s position needs to be carefully measured and monitored, in order to carry out this important task. Many of the conditions in which this work is being done, can also be recognised in the required circumstances for Headlamp Aiming.

As such, L.E.T. Automotive NV has acquired a lot of experience in aiming and calibration of a wide variety of ACC sensors, based on different concepts of various important suppliers to the industry. Also the other DAS components can most often be calibrated in a convenient way to be accommodated in a purpose built line.

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