The unical is a unit, used to calibrate and verify the optical headlamp-ACC aiming unit. The standard unit is provided with a precise up/down goniometer table, to be positioned manually with an electronic micrometer. Optionally the unit can be delivered with a second goniometer table for left/right. On the upper table, the reference modules described below can be positioned very accurate in inclination and optionally in azimuth.

The different reference modules are :
  • ECE halogen module, used to project a sharp cut-off line.
  • ECE LED module, used to project a sharp cut-off line.
  • High beam module, used to project a hot spot.
  • Mirror module, used for headlamp aiming units with passive ACC adjustment option.
  • Laser module, used to align with the optical unit.

The unical is mounted on a tripod during use and is otherwise shockproof packed in a robust aluminium case, easy for transportation.