Visual headlamp tester Luminoscope PLA 5
Visual headlamp tester Luminoscope PLA 5
Headlight adjusting device Luminoscope PLA 5
Headlight adjustment device Luminoscope PLA 5

Brochure PLA5 English - 578 kB
The Luminoscope® PLA 5 is an analog, optical headlighttester for rapid and accurate testing and aiming. The Luminoscope® PLA 5 exists in a mobile and fixed rail model.


-Simple alignment by means of the rotatable positioner stand and the large alignment mirror. Alignment can also be done by means of a laser.
-The stability of the headlight tester is guaranteed by a special design of the column.
-A counter-weight in the positioner stand allows an easy up-down movement of the optical block.
-A water level is visibly attached to the optical head, which can be levelled by turning the handle.
-The test value can be preset by turning the switch.
-An extra large lens concentrates the lightbeam without optical distortion, even the newest light-types can fully be caught.
-A clear image is projected on an easy visible screen. Reference lines indicate whether the headlight is aimed correctly. All types of headlights can be tested and aimed the same way.
-A meter indicates the light intensity.
-For cars, lorries, tractors, etc...
-No power supply needed.