Fully automatic headlight tester
Fully automatic headlight tester Luminoscope SAM 2035 with automatic light detection
Automatic light detection
Headlamp aiming system for inspection stations, PTI's
Headlamp aiming system for inspection stations, PTI's
Automatic headlamp beam setter Luminoscope SAM 2035
Automatic headlamp measurer Luminoscope SAM 2035

SAM 2035 Technical specification - 275 kB

The LUMINOSCOPE® SAM 2035 is a fully automatic, camera based, headlight testing system

The core technological concept of the LUMINOSCOPE® SAM 2035 is the universal application of locally relevant quality paradigms (e.g. ECE regulations) for the detection and identification of defective or wrongly aimed headlight beams. This is achieved through an automated vision system approach, consisting of an intelligent camera, image analysis algorithms and the clever application of the required opto-mechanical stability properties.

As such, the LUMINOSCOPE® SAM 2035 is a universal, completely automated and very robust headlamp testing system. It is built to endure a high throughput of vehicles and allows the end user to customize a wide variety of parameters. The system is equipped for testing ECE and SAE head- and foglamps in Right Hand Drive (RHD) and Left Hand Drive (LHD) versions.

The intelligent camera and built-in processor digitalize the headlight image. Measurement results can be transferred to a data processing unit (such as a host computer) through a RS232 connection. An automatic and precise measurement of the beam direction ensures objective results, independent of varying local circumstances and human subjective interpretation.


  • Full-automatic headlight testing system
  • Full-automatic positioning of the unit in front of the lamp
  • Heavy duty rails for in / on the concrete floor, fully adjustable for perfect levelling.
  • Automatic height and left/right detection by using search zones
  • Algorithms for aiming / testing of ECE and SAE head- and foglamps in RHD and LHD version.
  • Power supply 24V DC required
  • Large Fresnell lens
  • Electronic Position Check system for the correct centering of the LUMINOSCOPE® in the light bundle.
  • Operator panel with alphanumerical keypad and LCD screen with easy to understand icons, indication of cut off line position and pre-programmed target.
    5 soft keys for user defined functions.
    Separate password protected menu structure for setting of a wide variety of parameters, such as headlamp inclination, tolerances, etc…
  • Intelligent digital camera and built-in processor for digitalizing the headlight image.
  • RS 232 Interface for transfer of test results to a data processing unit (host computer)
  • Precise measurement of the beam direction (UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT-direction)